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What is the Gluten Free Registry™?

Founders of Gluten Free Registry™ Gluten Free Registry™ started out as a collection of website links of gluten-free friendly restaurants for our own personal use. As that collection grew we thought it would be good to share that information on the Internet. Since then our database has grown to over 45,000+ business locations around the world!

During that time we've added an interactive map, community driven reviews and ratings, an events calendar, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android apps. We've also spent thousands and thousands of dollars creating our LLC, getting trademarks, web hosting, etc. We ended up having to register over 30 domain names due cyber squatters.

Our site is a free resource for people to find gluten-free friendly businesses. No membership or pesky login is required to use our site (and we plan to keep it that way). Our site depends on revenues from advertising, iPhone and Android app sales, and general store sales.

Going forward we will continue to develop our site, expand our database, and provide more innovative ways to share our information. We also want to increase awareness in the medical community, at restaurants, and for those that may not yet be diagnosed.

If you've found our site useful please tell others in the GF community about it, or consider making a donation of as little as $10. Every dollar helps us keep this project moving forward.

Sincerely, The Registrar Team

What are our Goals?
Our goals are two fold. First, we want to provide resources for people suffering with Celiac Disease. Living a gluten-free lifestyle is very challenging and can be emotionally devastating.

Second, we want to motivate restaurants to label gluten-free items on their menu, or provide a separate gluten-free menu. Along with that we want grocers to clearly identify gluten-free products. How can we motivate them? By showing them how they can use "Gluten-Free as a Competitive Advantage". By doing this we help support our first goal.

What is Celiac Disease?
Celiac Disease is a genetic disorder where the body has an intolerance to the protein called gluten which is found in wheat, rye, and barley. According to the Celiac Sprue Association, "one in 133 Americans have celiac disease with a diagnosis rate of one in 4,700." Fortunately as awareness grows, so will the diagnosis rate. Left untreated, people with Celiac Disease can develop further complications such as vitamin deficiencies, other autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, and cancer.

Gluten can be introduced into foods in many hidden ways. For example, soy sauce can contain gluten. Modified food starch may be made from wheat. Even raw chicken bought at the grocery store may be injected with broth that contains gluten. It can be very difficult to maintain a gluten-free diet.

Contact Us
We'd love to hear from you! Just e-mail us at . Let us know what you like about our site, and more importantly where we can improve upon it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Suggest a Business
The Gluten Free Registry™ is now accepting registrations for gluten-free friendly restaurants, bakeries, caterers, grocers, manufacturers, etc (see terms and conditions below).

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Terms and conditions:
Restaurants must indicate gluten-free selections on their menu, or provide a separate gluten-free menu, or offer gluten-free replacement products. Caterers must have previous experience preparing gluten-free food. Grocers must clearly identify gluten-free selections. Registrations can be revoked at any time and for any reason. Additional terms and conditions may apply.