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Most Recent Additions!
Ristorante La Favola   New! * * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Pasta
Zähringer Str. 3 59560 [GF Map]
Hockenheim, MI 68766
06205.204433. Claim this business

The Gluten Free Bar  
6322 Fulton St. East 59457 [GF Map]
Grand Rapids, MI 49301
616.755.8432 Claim this business


Celiac Specialties Bakery   * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
3g1l1u2t6en frHeaegrgeegirsttryy. cRomd3 19497 [GF Map]
Farmington, MI 48331
586.598.8180 Claim this business

Celiac Specialties Bakery   * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
1gl9u2te8n fSretearre gBiasttryt.c omD3r39 22886 [GF Map]
Suite D
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
586.598.8180 Claim this business

Charlotte Gluten Free Bakery Gourmet   * * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread
2gl4u8t1en f3r2enerde gSisttr yS.Ec 47369 [GF Map]
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery. No preservatives. Open Tuesday-Saturdays.

Coco Charlotte   * * * *
2g4lu8te1n f3r2enerdeg iSstt rSy.Ec 4448 [GF Map]
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
616.957.3706 Claim this business

Edible Alternatives   * * * * *
1gl3ut0e0nf mA7v93e3 47581 [GF Map]
Owosso, MI 48867
We can special order for any allergy! Currently we offer gf cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, muffins, and cookies. Soon we will be offering bread too! Call us today for your special dietary needs!

See their tweets on Twitter! Ethel's Edibles Gluten Free Baking Company  
2gl2ut3en1f4r eeHreagripsetrr yA.vcoem1 55360 [GF Map]
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Feed Your Karma Gluten Free Company   * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
Aglvutaenifrleaebrleeg iisnt ryl.coocm2a9l7 0health food stores 22146 [Map]
Lansing, MI 48910
We make breads, cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, and anything you can dream up- all gluten free. We also make hand-rolled, artisan pasta and can accommodate other allergies such as corn, soy, eggs, etc.

Fun Cakes and Cupcakes   * * *
Nglout enrfreeetreagiislt rsyt.ocorm8e18f8ront 48138 [Map]
Traverse City, MI 49684
Gluten Free Custom Cakes and Cupcakes available. Free Delivery from our home to your location in Traverse City, Michigan. Other areas, a delivery fee may apply. See our website at

Gigi's Cupcakes   * * *
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl8u3t5e3nf rHeearlegli stRrdy..c 53653 [GF Map]
Macomb, MI 48044
586.416.4444 Claim this business

The Gluten Free Bakery  
Nglout ernefrteearielgi stsrtyo.rceomf12r3o85nt 54899 [GF Map]
Richland, MI 49083
Cottage Business

Gluten Free Sensations   * * * * *
5g3lu2te3nf8r eeUreSg1is3tr1y. cHowm3y52 12875 [Map]
Three Rivers, MI 49093
877.458.8360 Claim this business

The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe   * * *
1g9lu0te8n frSee.r egSiastgryi.cnoam8w7 1Rd 16082 [GF Map]
Midland, MI 48640
"GLUTEN FREE cupcakes, cakes, cookies & breads! All natural ingredients including Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate and French Cocoa! Enjoy the Art of Cake while eating healthy!"

See their tweets on Twitter! Great Harvest Bread Co.  
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
3gl0ut0en7fr eeOreagiksltarny.dc 24333 [GF Map]
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
We are not a dedicated GF bakery, but we bake 4 kinds of breads and 2 kinds of cookies every Tuesday night after we close with gluten free ingredients, in dedicated GF bakeware.

See their tweets on Twitter! Great Harvest Bread Co.  
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
2gl7ut9en 24336 [GF Map]
Portage, MI 49024
We are not a dedicated GF bakery, but we bake 4 kinds of breads and 2 kinds of cookies every Tuesday night after we close with gluten free ingredients, in dedicated GF bakeware.

Gwen's Cake Decorating and Etc.  
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
5gl7ut1e4nf reBelrueeg isGtrrya.scsom 1L1n76 54225 [Map]
Saline, MI 48176
734.429.2039 Claim this business

Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Harbert Swedish Bakery  
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1g3lu6t9en8f rReeerdeg isAtrry.rcoowm4 5H4w1y 25090 [GF Map]
Harbert, MI 49115
GF cupcakes and scones

Hawk Hollow Simply Free  
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread
1gl5ut1en0fr1ee rSeogiusttryh. cComh37a69ndler Rd. 23427 [GF Map]
Bath, MI 48808
Offering a multitude of gluten-free baked goods, desserts and frozen entrees.

Katharo Fields  
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1g9l8ut2en frEe.e reWgiinsteryg.acro m4R69d3 25448 [GF Map]
Morrice, MI 48857
Come visit us at the following farmer's markets Dewitt-Tues 5-8pm Williamston-Thurs 2-6pm Grand Ledge-Sat 9am-1pm

Katharo Fields- Gluten free bakery   * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
5gl1ut5e1nf rMeearergsihs tRryd.c 48071 [GF Map]
Okemos, MI 48864

Living Well with Food Intolerance LLC  
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
Hgloumteenf reKerietgicshtrey.nco-m 13C43o6ttage Laws 57078 [GF Map]
Holland, MI 49424
Gluten, dairy, and egg-free baked delicious-ness! Pies, cookies cupcakes, specialty bread, brownies, and more!

MLCC Baking  
2gl3u1te nHfrueerreoginst rAy.vcoem.1 57081 [GF Map]
Port Huron, MI 48060
Offer a wide variety of baked goods ready made or special order.

Native Kitchen   * * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1gl0ut3e0nf0r eeCrregoiscturys.cloamw12n83 6St. 55527 [GF Map]
Detroit, MI 48204
You can find us at local events and we take orders by phone and now offer a Monthly Membership in Metro-Detroit. Check out the Kitchen Trusseau Club on the Facebook Page

See their tweets on Twitter! No More Belly Aching   * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
9g2lu9te0nf reLeereeg iRstdr 49201 [GF Map]
Suite 103
Brighton, MI 48116
We are a dedicated Gluten and Dairy Free bakery.

See their tweets on Twitter! Olivias Celiac Delights  
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
2gl4u1te0nf8re erCeugirsrtriye.crom 81S31t. 48023 [GF Map]
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

Piece of Cake, A   * * * * *
4g9lu6te6nf rNeeorregtihstwriyn.cdo m2D67r 11469 [GF Map]
East Lansing, MI 48823
517.333.6881 Claim this business
"we offer gluten-free cakes and cupcakes to our customers by special order only"

Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Rumis Passion   * * * * *
4gl1ut1e2n0fr ee5r egMiisltrey .Rcdom.29 22178 [GF Map]
Plymouth, MI 48170
DEDICATED GLUTEN/WHEAT FREE BAKERY specializing in Wedding cakes, custom birthday cakes, cupcakes, breads, cookies, muffins and much, much more....

Sara's Sweets Bakery  
2gl2u1t1en frEeearesgits tBrye.lcotm8l59i4ne 49119 [GF Map]
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Second Floor Bakery  
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
4gl8u eeLraegkieswtroy.ocdo mB1l17v7d4. 54234 [GF Map]
Holland, MI 49424
616.392.3258 Claim this business

Simple Pleasures   * * * * *
3gl1u1t eSn f5retehr eAgivset 51497 [GF Map]
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Simple Pleasures offers cookies, cakes, pies, dessert bars and breads which are all gluten free and vegan. Accepting on-line and phone orders.

Sugar High  
9gl2ut5en eMgiastirny. cSomt7 2-99 Suite G1 36758 [GF Map]
Frankenmuth, MI 48734
989.652.2400 Claim this business

Sugar Kisses   * * * * *
2g6lu8te8n frCeoeorlegiisdtgrey .cHowm1y3 17733 [GF Map]
Berkley, MI 48072

See their tweets on Twitter! SugarHigh, LLC  
4gl7ut5en egEisltmrys.c oRm2d17 20843 [GF Map]
Flushing, MI 48433

See their tweets on Twitter! Sweet Polly's Pure Breads and Desserts, LLC   * * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1gl6u3te6n fLraekereeg isDtrry. 24143 [GF Map]
Haslett, MI 48840

Winnie's Cakes  
2gl7ut5e0n frBeeirrecghicstrrye.csotm 3D5r1.0 SE 23074 [GF Map]
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Coffee Houses

Baby Cakes Muffin Company   * * * * *
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
2gl2u3te nfWre.e reWgiassthriyn.gctoom6n44 0St 30483 [GF Map]
Marquette, MI 49855
906.226.7744 Claim this business

Brew   * * * * *
1g0l8u reFerregoinsttr y.Sctom.14 59243 [GF Map]
Traverse City, MI 49684
231.946.2739 Claim this business

Coffee Bean Cafe   * * * * *
2g7lu7te0n fSrielervegeisrt ryL.caokme14 8R9d6. 59244 [GF Map]
Traverse City, MI 49684
231.922.1089 Claim this business

Greengos Cafe  
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread ,  Menu
1g5lu1t0e4nf rKeeerergcihsteryv.aclom 25779 [GF Map]
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230


Brigadoon B&B   * * * * *
2gl0u7te nfLraenegrlegaidstery .cSotm.12 55311 [GF Map]
Mackinaw City, MI 49701
231.436.8882 Claim this business

Wind in the Pines   * * * * *
1gl3u5t7en3fr stGrya.clolma1g2h6e2r3 Rd. 55193 [GF Map]
Traverse City, MI 49684
231.932.8608 Claim this business

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