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Most Recent Additions!
Godfather's Pizza 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
639 Lafayette Rd.70116 [GF Map]
Hampton, NH 03842
603.929.0596 Claim this business

Lexie's Landing 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
61 Beane Ln69872 [GF Map]
Newington, NH 03805
603.828.2092 Claim this business


Andi's Gluten Free Desserts  ****
5gl0ut7en fOrceeeraegni sBtLryV.cDo m2#06720598 [GF Map]
Hampton, NH 03842

See their tweets on Twitter! Barbara Brownie Gluten Free Territory  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
8g3l0u teLnfareferaegyisetrty.tcoem 20R5d065376 [GF Map]
Hampton, NH 03842
Online Sales

Berry Delicious Bakery  *****
1gl2ut enYfreeeartegoins t ryR.cdom20565 [GF Map]
Suite C1
Plymouth, NH 03264
we sell gluten free breads, pies, cookies, cakes and more.

Bite me Kupcakez  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
Aglmuhteenrfsrete rergidst53428 [Map]
Merrimack, NH 03054
The best gluten free you'll ever taste. You can't tell the difference. Completely gluten free facility! Delivery available to some areas.

Blackberry Bakery  ***
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread
4gl4u tNenafrseehreugai stRryd.c,o29660 [GF Map]
Units 21&22
Londonderry, NH 03053
Gluten free cookies, pastries, cakes, breads.

Buckwheat Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1gl4ut enCfreeleriengais tAryv.ec36818 [GF Map]
Unit 15
Nashua, NH 03063
We are a dedicated gluten free bakery. Find bread, rolls, pizza, bagels and muffins at our bakery outlet, open every Saturday.

Chatila's Sugar Free Bakery 
2g5lu4t enNfroeerretgihs tBrry.ocoam2d6w8ay11470 [GF Map]
Salem, NH 03079
603.898.5459 Claim this business
Shop On-line!

Cornucopia Bakery and Catering  ***
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
2g6l uCteennftrreearle giSsqturay.rceom22088 [GF Map]
Bristol, NH 03222
The bakers specialize in allergens and will even make you vegan, gluten free baked goods or things specific to your allergies at no extra cost.

D's Delights  *****
6gl1ut4en frWeeersegti sStriyd.ec omR20d8020697 [Map]
Bethlehem, NH 03574
603.837.9027 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Frost This! Cakes  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
5gl4u5t enMfraeeirengi sDtruy.ncosmt1a4b5l2e2 Rd58399 [GF Map]
Nashua, NH 03062
Gluten free celebration cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes and cake pops.

Grammy Gordon's Bakery 
2g9lu teTnafrmeweorretgihst rRy.dc17465 [GF Map]
Tamworth, NH 03886
In addition to Gluten-Free baked goods the bakery offers "Meals to Go". We will take orders & prepare food to any of your health requirements. Please go to our website to view our extensive menu

Hippie Chick Bakery  *
1g1lu8te nfSre erRedgi.st11472 [GF Map]
Kensington, NH 03833
603.347.1487 Claim this business
All menu items are produced on the same equipment, and may contain traces of items not included in the ingredients

Just Like Mom's Pastries 
3g5l3u teRnifrveeerredgailsetr y.Rcdom16324 [GF Map]
Weare, NH 03281
Gluten-free cakes!
"Cakes, bars, and cheesecakes are available. Amaretto fudge, Mint, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Raspberry, and White Chocolate Raspberry or Lemon blueberry Cheesecake."

See their tweets on Twitter! Queen City Cupcakes  *****
7gl9u0te nEfrleemr eSgti57223 [GF Map]
Manchester, NH 03101
We offer gluten free cupcakes daily. For the widest variety of GF flavor choices, and large orders, please call early. We are open Tues - Saturday.

St. Julien Macaroons  *****
3gl4u3t eMnafriene reSgits20503 [GF Map]
Sandown, NH 03873
Gluten free macaroons - Honey-Almond & Cocoa-Almond; can ship anywhere in the world! No chance of cross contamination; macaroons are all we bake. No preservatives, low fat.

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White Mountain Cupcakery  ***
2g7l5u7t eWnhfireteere giMstoruyn.ctoam4i7n7 8Hwy25625 [GF Map]
North Conway, NH 03860
They Make Gluten Free Cakes, Cupcakes to order and they are delicious

Coffee Houses

Baked Downtown Cafe  *****
1gl0u1t5e nfErelemre giSstt55235 [GF Map]
Manchester, NH 
603.606.1969 Claim this business

Brewbaker's  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
9gl7ut eMnafirne erSetg.i47925 [GF Map]
Keene, NH 03431
603.355.4844 Claim this business

Cascade Coffee House 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1gl1ut5en frMeaeirne giSstt53647 [GF Map]
North Woodstock, NH 
603.745.2001 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Frontside Grind Coffee & Espresso 
Mglauitnen fSrte eriengi sttrhye.c oEm2a02s1tern Slope Inn20540 [GF Map]
North Conway, NH 03860
We carry gluten free muffins, woopie pies and an assortment of cookies

Popovers Bakery & Cafe 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
8gl utCeonfnregerreegisstsry .cSomt6330412 [GF Map]
Market Square
Portsmouth, NH 03801

See their tweets on Twitter! Teatotaller  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl0u9t enMfraeeireng iSsttr30716 [GF Map]
Somersworth, NH 03878

White Heron Tea & Coffee Community 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
6gl0u1t eInfsrleeirenggisttorny .Scotm56125 [GF Map]
Unit 103
Portsmouth, NH 03801
877.501.6266 Claim this business


Bear Mountain Lodge Bed & Breakfast 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
3gl2ut4e9n fMraeeireng isSttr.y.60957 [Map]
Bethlehem, NH 03574
603.869.2189 Claim this business

The Bernerhof Inn Bed & Breakfast 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
3gl4ut2en fRreoeurtegei s3tr0y2.60933 [Map]
Glen, NH 03838
603.383.4200 Claim this business

Cabernet Inn 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
3gl5ut5e2n frWeheiretgei sMtoruyn.ctoami16n4 87Hwy60950 [Map]
North Conway, NH 03860
603.356.4704 Claim this business

Coppertoppe Inn & Retreat Center 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
8gl uRteannfgree erRedg.is65631 [GF Map]
Hebron, NH 03241
603.744.3636 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Cranmore Mountain Lodge  ****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
8gl5u9te nKferaeerrseagirsgtrey .Rcodm 2-74 8PO Box 119421885 [GF Map]
North Conway, NH 03860
Open for guests only of the lodge only. Full Gluten Free Breakfast available at no extra charge.

The Gables at Park and Main  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
2gl0u0te7nf reMeraegiisntr y.Sctom57667 [GF Map]
Bethlehem, NH 03574
The Gables is a Victorian Bed and Breakfast with 6 individually appointed guest rooms, wireless internet, cable tv, pool, and a cook to order breakfast featuring delicious gluten free options.

Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl0u1te nfMreoeurengitsatriy.nco mV2i23e42w Rd.69663 [GF Map]
Whitefield, NH 03598
855.837.2100 Claim this business

Mt. Washington Bed & Breakfast  *****
4gl2u1te nSfrteearteeg isRtoryu.ctome50 57227424 [GF Map]
Shelburne, NH 03581
We happily accommodate Gluten free breakfasts for our Bed & Breakfast guests only - sorry no outside diners.

The Old Salt Restaurant at Lamie's Inn 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
4gl9u0te nfLreaerfeagyisetrty.tceom 14R34d1.58217 [GF Map]
Hampton, NH 03842
603.926.8322 Claim this business

Riverside Inn Bed and Breakfast  *****
3g7lu2te nRfroeeuretgeis t1r6y. coAm159257 [GF Map]
Intervale, NH 03845
Vacationing and dining out can be challenging for those with celiac disease. We have been 100% gluten free for two years. We can also direct you to local eateries where gluten-free options are offered

Sugar Run Farm House Bed & Breakfast 
4gl4u5te nUfpreeerr egMisatrdy. coRmi33v39er Rd22807 [Map]
Thornton, NH 03285
603.726.3252 Claim this business
Delicious gluten free breakfasts available!

The Victoria Inn Bed & Breakfast 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
4gl3u0te nfHrieegrheg iSsttr.y.58216 [GF Map]
Hampton, NH 03842
603.929.1437 Claim this business

Gluten-Free Grocery Guide


110 Grill Nashua 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
2gl7u tTernfarfeearelgigsatrry .cSoqmu22a18r0e69485 [GF Map]
Nashua, NH 03063

900 Degrees  *
**Accommodates only
5gl0u tDenofrwe eSrtergiesetsry34216 [GF Map]
Manchester, NH 03045
603.641.0900 Claim this business

99 Restaurants  ****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
6g0lu tDe'nAfmreaernetgeis tDrryi.vcoem18276 [GF Map]
Triangle Park
Concord, NH 03301

99 Restaurants  ****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
8g lHuottenefrlee rDergiivsetr18277 [GF Map]
Dover, NH 03820

99 Restaurants  ****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1g3l0ut8en fHreoeorekgsiestttry .Rcooma67d 18278 [GF Map]
Route 28
Hooksett, NH 03106

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