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Most Recent Additions!
Karma Co-op Food Store 
739 Palmerston Ave.70821 [GF Map]
Toronto, ON M6G 2R3
416.534.1470 Claim this business

Rainbow Foods 
Greenbank Hunt Club Centre70717 [Map]
250 Greenbank Rd.
Ottawa, ON K2H 8X4
613.820.3178 Claim this business


See their tweets on Twitter! Antipastos Italian Kitchen 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
1gl4ut7en0f rSeepreegiesrtrsy .cRomd4324447 [GF Map]
Unit 1
Oakville, ON L6L 2X6

B's Truly Couture Cupcakes 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
6g0l0u3t enTfreeenrtehgi stLryi.cnoem1 02W32.52502 [GF Map]
Mississauga, ON L5N 5S5
416.697.4372 Claim this business

Back Alley Kitchen  *****
2gl1u tKenifnrge eSretg isWtr.y20520 [GF Map]
Rear of Building
Dundas, ON L9H 1T5
905 628 2335
Great selection of Gluten free foods from Apple pie to Lasagna

Baked at Frankie's  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
6gl4ut eBnrforceker egSits.tr y.Wco.m322595 [GF Map]
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1P9
100% Gluten free bakery making cakes, pastries, breads, baguettes, and so much more.

*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl1u7te nQfrueeereegni stSryt..c oSmo1u1t1h7953571 [GF Map]
Unit 1
Mississauga, ON L5M 6B5
905.997.1701 Claim this business

Bunners  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
3gl0u5te4nf reDeruengdiasstr yS.tc oWm8e5s57t49079 [GF Map]
Toronto, ON M6P 1Z7
647.352.2975 Claim this business

Celestial Cakes 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
2gl3ut eSnfhreeelrebgiosturry.ncoem3 6D19r23263 [GF Map]
Woodbridge, ON M5H1H1
Wholesale GF bakery with all types of specialized menu items. special orders accepted for single desserts.

See their tweets on Twitter! Creative Choices 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
RgRl4ut eOnwfreeenre giSstoryu.ncdom58437 [GF Map]
Owen Sound, ON N4K5N6

Cup of Tea Bakery and Cafe  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
2g5lu teTnhfirecerkesgoins trRyd..co,m 46N6o6rth25241 [GF Map]
Whitby, ON L1N 8W8
1.877.321.TEAS.8327. Claim this business

De Healthy Baker  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
3gl8u4t8eBn frMeaeriegni stSryt.23173 [GF Map]
Niagara Falls, ON l2g 6b2
905.295.6500 Claim this business

El Peto Products Outlet Store 
6gl5ut enSfraeelrtegsimstarny .Dcro3900 [GF Map]
Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7
519.650.4614 Claim this business
Shop On-line!

Elisa's Gluten Free Goodness 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
Gglluteeanfvreee rTegeisrtrrya.ccome1254868 [Map]
Milton, ON 
Exclusively Gluten Free Baked Goods. Custom Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & more... Home made in a licensed & inspected gluten-free environment. All sweets are made to order. More details on website.

The Essential Cookie Company 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
1gl9u6tAe nSfrtee.re giAstnrdy.rcoem1w3 8S7t7 East57670 [GF Map]
Fergus, ON N1M1P8
Designated: gluten, nut, potato/ artificial color/flavor-free. Retail and wholesale! Breads, cupcakes, 17 flavors of GF cookies, cupcake wedding towers, cupcake bouquets and more! Find us on Facebook!

Gluten Free Baking 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
5gl5ut enEfrleeirezgaisbteryt.hc oSm7t236009 [GF Map]
Victoria Harbour, ON L0K 2A0
705.534.3611 Claim this business
Made to order breads and other goodies made in a Gluten Free kitchen. Please allow 48 hours notice...

Healthy Creations, a specialty bakery  *****
3g3lu3t enDfroeeureggiastlrly .cSomq17u4a6re Windsor19999 [GF Map]
Windsor, ON N9G 1S7
100% gluten free bakery. Baked fresh daily. Can be casein, egg, yeast and sugar free upon request.

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Humble Roots Bakery  *****
1g2lu9t enDfroeewrnegiies tSryt.c20125 [GF Map]
Stratford, ON N5A1X2
226 921.1680
Specializing in no gluten added or wheat baked goods, lactose free and reduced sugar

The Joy of Gluten Free Bakery  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
2gl5u0t enGfrreeereegnisbtarnyk.c oRmd849078 [GF Map]
Ottawa, ON K2H 1E9
613.907.1252 Claim this business

Kelly's Bake Shop  *****
4g0l1ut enBfrreaernetgi sStrty49378 [GF Map]
Burlington, ON L7r2k3
905.637.2700 Claim this business

Kensington Natural Bakery and Cafe 
4g6lu0te nBflroeoerreg iWsetrsy.tco16062 [GF Map]
Toronto, ON 
416.534.1294 Claim this business

Little Stream Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
6g6l7ut enGfrleeerne giTsatyry .cRomd48.625752 [GF Map]
Perth, ON K7H 1R9
613.267.9712 Claim this business

LPK Culinary Groove 
7g1l8ut eQnfureeereengi sStrty. cEom17584 [GF Map]
Toronto, ON M4M3H3
416.461.6440 Claim this business

Marjennys Cakes 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
1g7l3u5t e7ntfhr eAevree gWisetrsy.tco53112 [GF Map]
Owen Sound, ON N4K 5L4
In home licensed baking business. Gluten Free, allergy free baking. Pies, cakes, tarts, muffins, breads...Fresh Made not frozen. call in advance.

See their tweets on Twitter! Marmalade's Gluten-Free Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
1g4lu0t0e nSfrqeueirreegi'stsr yB.ceoma1c06h9 0Rd52970 [GF Map]
Aisle M Booth 2611
Pickering, ON L1W4B9

See their tweets on Twitter! Megan's Gluten Free Gourmet 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
2gl9ut9e n1f0reterhe gSisttr y.ecaosmt1457960 [GF Map]
Owen Sound, ON N4K 1S4
Megan's Gluten Free Gourmet sells both retail and wholesale gluten free baked goods such as; bread, buns, pizza dough, cookies, brownies, date squares, lemon loaf, banana loaf, cupcakes and squares.

Molly B's Gluten-Free Kitchen 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
1g2lu9te nTfrueerrbeignies tDrry22119 [GF Map]
Toronto, ON M9L 2S7
100% gluten-free facility - breads, bagels, wraps, pizza dough, stuffed crepes, perogies, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, bar cookies and much much more . . .

Nana's Bakery  ****
2g9lu3t6en fDroemeirengiistorny. coBml2v25d4456 [GF Map]
Windsor, ON N9E 2M8
519.966.2434 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Nates Bagels & Gluten Free Foods Inc.  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
6gl0ut eRnfareyereegtisttery .Rcodm.4124188 [GF Map]
Vaughan, ON L4K 2G4

See their tweets on Twitter! Newton's No Gluten 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
3gl4ut0en fWroeeoredgilsatrwyn.c omR5d7 8W029736 [GF Map]
Guelph, ON N1H 7K6
Dedicated gluten-free bakery, retail store and prepared meals. Also offers diabetic-friendly meals. Open Tuesday to Saturday. Newtons' No Gluten is a division of Portions - Your Dietary Food Store.

See their tweets on Twitter! Nothin Gluten 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread ,  Menu
8gl1u3te nCf51292 [GF Map]
Sault Ste Marie, ON P6A 5K7
We are a gluten free baking establishment that caters from a home base. We are looking to expand and open up shop. We sell pierogies, breads, pizza, cookies, sweet loaves, cakes, stuffings, etc

Organic Oven 
3g1lu8te9nf reYeorneggies tSrty19676 [GF Map]
Toronto, ON M4N 2K9
416.489.7777 Claim this business
Gluten-free, wheat-free, vegan, dairy-free, eggless, flourless, low-glycemic and/or diabetic-friendly products.

Rural Roots Cafe 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
8g luFtelnifnrte erAevgiest25753 [GF Map]
Bancroft, ON K0K 3J0
613.332.9999 Claim this business

Scoop It Bulk & Frozen Foods  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
3gl0ut enEflreoerregai sSttr yS.ocuomt3h723376 [GF Map]
Harriston, ON N0G1Z0
The owner of this store is registered with the baker association of Canada. They make a large range of Gluten Free Breads, etc. They supplie a number of stores in the area.

Silly Yak Bistro/Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
7g6l1ut eBnfareyerriedgigsetr y.Dcorm425758 [GF Map]
Bayridge Plaza
Kingston, ON K7P 2P1
613.583.2014 Claim this business

Sterk's Bakery  ***
1g3lu7t enQfrueeereegni stSrty16410 [GF Map]
Dunnville, ON N1A 1H6
We are a complete Gluten-Free Bakery Providing products from breads, buns, bagels and much more.

Suzie's Gluten Free Kitchen 
7gl uOtnetnafrreieor egSistt.ry69690 [GF Map]
Grimsby, ON L3M 3G8
289.235.7501 Claim this business

Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

See their tweets on Twitter! Sweet Lemon 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
9gl0u0te nfKrieenrge giSsttr28933 [GF Map]
London, ON N5Y-5P8
100% vegan & gluten-free bakery. A selection of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon buns and much more. Custom orders.

Tia's Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
4g2lu tCeonfrreke reSgtis trEy.acosm9t550176 [GF Map]
Guelph, ON N1H 2W8

See their tweets on Twitter! Trish's Gluten Free Bakery  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
2gl2ut9e nfMraeeirneg isStrty..co54098 [GF Map]
Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0
Great place, 100% Gluten Free. Lunches served, and full selection of baked goods, breads, rolls, cookies, squares, etc

Voila Gluten Free Bakeree  *****
2g2l uLtaeknefrseheorergiest ryR.dc omW18e35st 20129 [GF Map]
Unit 6
Oakville, ON L6K 1C5
A certified Gluten and nut Free Bakery promoting White/Brown Rice breads, Bagels, GF Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, pies, pizza dough, clover rolls, Pastas and soups

See their tweets on Twitter! Ya'd Never Know  *****
7gl2ut eKnfirneegre gSitst ryE.caosm9t7251415 [GF Map]
Dundas, ON L9H 1C2
Home of the finest and freshest Gluten free foods in Ontario. 100% Gluten Free. The tastiest food you will ever taste. Bread, pies, desserts, lasagna, pizza, pastries etc.

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