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Most Recent Additions!
See their tweets on Twitter! Oregon Crepe Cafe & Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
315 High St SE70949 [GF Map]
Salem, OR 97301
All crepes can be made gluten free. We are now offering our own GF bread. Pastries Coming Soon.

People's Food Co-op 
3029 SE 21st Ave.70769 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 97202
503.674.2642 Claim this business


Angeline's Bakery & Cafe  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl2ut1en fWr eMeariengi sSttr736 [GF Map]
Sisters, OR 97759
541.549.9122 Claim this business
Shop on-line!

See their tweets on Twitter! Angie's Kitchen 
2g1lu4te nNfrEe er1eg1isttrhy. cSomt1964095 [GF Map]
McMinnville, OR 97128
Dedicated gluten free CSB-style bakery that also offers retail & wholesale. All our products are completely gum free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, oatmeal free, & bean flour free.

See their tweets on Twitter! Bliss Baking Company 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta
5gl2u8te nSfWre e6retghi sSttr.y.57260 [GF Map]
Redmond, OR 97756
We are a bakery / cafe focusing on vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items. We serve breakfast, lunch, pastries, and espresso drinks.

Blue Monkey Gluten Free Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
3gl3ut8e4nf2re erSegEis trEy.acosmt10g8a8t5e Circle53253 [GF Map]
Corvallis, OR 97330
Website currently being reconstructed, but will be finished soon.

See their tweets on Twitter! Bluebird Bakers 
2gl3ut9e0nf rNeWe reTgihsturry.mcaomn12 7s5t855444 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 
503.415.1278 Claim this business

Captain Dan's Pirate Pastry Shop  *****
5gl0ut7en0f rSeEer eHgwisyt ry1.c0o1m529128 [GF Map]
Lincoln City, OR 97367
We have chocolate cake, carrot cake, maionberry muffins, peach/blueberry muffins, peanutbutter cookies with chocolate chips, and lemon bars.

The Divine Cupcake  *****
Nglou ternferetearielg issttroyr.ecform2o3n6t921091 [Map]
Eugene, OR 97402

Gluten Free Gem 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
2gl6u5t eNn frHeearnegciostcrky. coSm5t89.629873 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 9227
100% dedicated gluten-free bakery. We make wonderful cakes, cupcakes, pies & pie shells, cheesecakes, muffins, coffeecakes, cookies, and breads. You wouldn't even know it's gluten free!

See their tweets on Twitter! The Gluten Free Place  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread
1gl6ut5en4fr eeNre gCisotray.scotm 15H6w3y960053 [GF Map]
Newport, OR 97365

Gotta B Gluten Free 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread
2g1lu5t eNnWfr eHerielgilst rSyt.63708 [GF Map]
Bend, OR 97701
Dedicated gluten free bakery and kitchen.

Ida's Cupcake Cafe  *****
1gl3ut1e4n frNeWe rGeaglisvtrey.sctomo50n70 Ave27535 [GF Map]
Bend, OR 97701
Gluten Free Cupcakes in 5 flavors.

Jensen's Gluten Free Bread and Bakeries  *
3gl4ut2en0fr eSeEr eg2is1trsy.tc oAm1v2e0.3454509 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 97202
503.208.3987 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Kyra's Bake Shop  *****
4gl6u0t eFnifrfetehre gSisttr25581 [GF Map]
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
100% Gluten free pastries and desserts. Cinnamon Rolls, Cupcakes, Pies, Tartlets, Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes.

Laurel's Sweet Treats  *****
8gl1u7te2nf reSeWre giDsturyr.choam1m1 8Rd737 [GF Map]
Tigard, OR 97224
503.443.3803 Claim this business

Les Deux Amis Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
Nglou ternfereteraeigli stsrtyo.rceomf80r97ont47989 [Map]
Bend, OR 97701
Making Gluten Free baked goods for Bend, Oregon community. Currently available at select Farmer's Markets. On Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LesDeuxAmisBakery

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Liberated Baking  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
2gl5ut1en8fr eSerEe gBiustrrny.scoim1d0e9653334 [GF Map]
Gresham, OR 97080
100% Gluten Free. Soups, sandwiches, bread, baked goods, cakes, etc.

Little Shop of Bagels  *****
1gl6ut4e4n frAeesrehglisatrny.dc omS2t2 23#3569538 [GF Map]
Ashland, OR 97520
541.488.0718 Claim this business

Living Earth Bakery  *****
3g6lu3t eSnWfr eeJreegifstfrye.rcsomo24n9 Ave7380 [GF Map]
Corvallis, OR 97333
541.738.2591 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Lola Foods: Gluten Free  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Pasta , Bread ,  Menu
4gl1u5t7en frNeEer eHgwiyst r1y.0co1m24405 [GF Map]
Lincoln City, OR 97367

See their tweets on Twitter! New Cascadia Tradtional  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1g7lu0te0n fSreEe re6gtihs tArvye.5167 [GF Map]
SE Market (two blocks South of Hawthorn)
Portland, OR 97214
503.546.4901 Claim this business

Nibblin' Nuthatch Bakery 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread ,  Menu
1gl4ut2e0nf reNerWe g9isttrhy .csomt157659 [GF Map]
Corvallis, OR 97330
We are doing gluten-free CSB boxes weekly, and farmers markets

Sugar and Spice Cupcakes 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl2ut1en0fr0e erCegrisittrey.sceorm1 2R6d8.355318 [GF Map]
Oregon City, OR 97045
Gluten-free, Vegan, and Regular on-line bakery featuring affordable custom cakes and cupcakes. From fancy wedding cupcakes to children's birthday cakes, our cakes are baked fresh and custom decorated.

Sweet Life Patisserie  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
7gl5ut5en frMeeorengirstorey. coSm3t7823468 [GF Map]
Eugene, OR 97402
541.683.5676 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Tula 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread ,  Menu
4g9l4u3t eNnfEre erMeagritstirny. cLoumt6h58e2r King Jr. Blvd Suite 10130873 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 97211
Dedicated gluten free bakery and cafe.

See their tweets on Twitter! Twisted Bite Bakery  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
Ngol urteentfareierle gsitstorrye.cform4o6n80t25255 [Map]
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
We do not have a store front, we take phone orders, and we are in Hillsdale Food Front, Lambs Thriftway Palisades in Lake Oswego, Market of choice Terwilliger, West Linn, Corvalis, soon Eugene too.

White Rabbit Bakery  *****
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
2gl1ut3en6fr8ee rHewgyi s9t9rey .NcEo29192 [GF Map]
Aurora, OR 97002
503.267.9044 Claim this business

Coffee Houses

Alpha-Bit Cafe  *****
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
Hgilugtehnwfareye r1eg2is6tr63952 [GF Map]
Mapleton, OR 
541 Claim this business

B Street Coffee House 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
2gl1ut9en0fr eWereesgits tBryu.rcnoms22i3d86e St.69707 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 97210
503.222.2441 Claim this business

See their tweets on Twitter! Book & Bean 
*Features Gluten Free:  Pizza , Bread ,  Menu
3gl9ut5e nNf.r eeMreagiisnt rSyt..c57959 [GF Map]
Prineville, OR 97754

Coffee Plant  *****
5gl9ut1en1f rSeeWre gCisotrryb.ceomt88t610 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 97239
503.293.3280 Claim this business
This location only.

See their tweets on Twitter! Jazzkat's Coffee Bar 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1gl9ut2e5n frNeeEr eg4is2tnryd.c omA3v65e023300 [GF Map]
Suite E
Portland, OR 97213
We offer a great seclection of GF pastries & deserts and our entire breakfast/lunch menu can be made Gluten Free too!

Rain City Coffee 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
2gl0ut3e5n fNreEer e4g1issttry .Acvoem22589 [GF Map]
Portland, OR 97212
We proudly offer a selection of gluten free pastries, cookies and brownies. In addition, our panini and breakfast sandwiches can be made with gluten free bread.

SeQuential Biofuels 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread
8gl6ut7e1nf4re eMrecgiVsatyr y.Hcwoym29390 [GF Map]
Eugene, OR 97405
SeQuential has gluten free sandwiches, salads, desserts, and snacks. It's an awesome station: solar panels, green roof, kombucha on tap, and biofuels!

SeQuential Biofuels 2 
*Features Gluten Free:  Bread ,  Menu
1gl6u9t5e nfWre e1r8etgihst rAyv.eco49038 [GF Map]
Eugene, OR 97405

Stars & Dreams Gluten-Free Paradise  *****
2gl3u4te5n fArseehrleagnisdt rSyt.c61597 [GF Map]
Ste 201
Ashland, OR 97520
Stars & Dreams is a 100% Gluten-free bakery and coffee shop new to ashland. the owners are gluten free so they know what they are doing

Gluten-Free Grocery Guide


Ashland Mountain House B&B 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
1gl1ut4en8f reOerledgi sHtwryy.c om94593 0South25079 [GF Map]
Ashland, OR 97520
In an historic country inn just outside Ashland (home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival), we offer delicious gluten-free breakfast and afternoon dessert options on request.

Brey House 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
3gl7u2t5e nNfrWee reKgeisetlry60952 [Map]
Lincoln City, OR 97367
541.994.7123 Claim this business

Chehalem Ridge Bed & Breakfast 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
2g8lu7te0n0fr eeNreEgi sMtroy.uconm3t14ainTop Rd12438 [Map]
Newberg, OR 97132
503.538.3474 Claim this business
Located in the heart of Oregon wine country, we provide a gluten free breakfast (and afternoon snacks) upon request.

The Fulton House 
*Features Gluten Free:   Menu
7gl0ut0en6fr eeSreWgi sVtriy.rcogmi16n49i0a Ave.60953 [Map]
Portland, OR 97219
503.892.5781 Claim this business

Gluten Free Cruises 
3g3lu3t3en6fr eeSrEeg iWsthriyt.ceo m9O4a89k Rd.50143 [GF Map]
Corvallis, OR 97333
541.207.3743 Claim this business

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