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Maggiano's Little Italy
Category: Restaurants

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Posted:  Jul 19, 2015 Location:
Name:  GF Guy 8030 Renaissance Pkwy18357 [GF Map]
Rating:  * Durham, NC 27713

We routinely go to Maggiano's for their quality food and attention to the gluten free diet. We have always enjoyed our experiences, however, the location in Durham, NC is an exception. The server had clearly not been trained in GF dining and never offered to have a chef or manager speak to us. When our food came my dish was a non-GF preparation - I caught this serious error, not the staff. Instead of apologizing the server spent several minutes explaining that the error was not his fault and he finally said, "Mistakes happen." If you want to avoid mistakes, do not go to the Durham location.
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Posted:  Oct 8, 2014
Rating:  ***

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Posted:  Sep 28, 2014
Name:  Val in Texas
Rating:  *****

Had the Rigatoni D at our local Maggiano's here in Austin...absolutely incredible...very tender. Does anyone know if they make it on site or what brand they use?
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Posted:  May 20, 2014 Location:
Name:  Les 26300 Cedar Rd18346 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Beachwood, OH 44122

Excellent service, food, price and atmosphere!!
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Posted:  May 2, 2014 Location:
Name:  shelley 4 Columbus Ave18348 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Boston, MA 02116

Submitted via mobile device Delicious!! Eat here!!
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Posted:  Jun 23, 2013 Location:
Name:  Anonymous 600 Commons Way18351 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Chef came to the table to work out a customized menu for me to enjoy along with my family for the family style dinner. The waiter even brought me flourless chocolate cake (which wasn't on the menu) as a surprise for dessert. Everything was delicious.
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Posted:  Jun 9, 2013 Location:
Name:  Anonymous 17603 I-10W18334 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** San Antonio, TX 78257

All sauces are gluten free and the chef will personally visit with you to ensure your needs are met.
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Posted:  Feb 22, 2013 Location:
Name:  Eva 1201 Filbert St18350 [GF Map]
Rating:  **** Philadelphia, PA 19107

I went here for dinner. The server was great and knew what I needed immediately. I could get any of the pasta dishes with corn pasta and several desserts were gluten free. The server in charge of stocking bread to my table was a bit too enthusiastic even after my server had removed it but that was just funny not an annoyance. I had no problems after and wasn't sick
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Posted:  Sep 9, 2012 Location:
Name:  Jackie J. 160 N. Gulph Rd18349 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** King of Prussia, PA 19406

You have to go. THEY ARE THE BEST! Food always great. They strive to meet the gluten free needs.
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Posted:  Jul 26, 2012 Location:
Name:  JACKIE JEFFRIES 160 N. Gulph Rd18349 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** King of Prussia, PA 19406

They really go out of there way to make you feel important. Best yet and food always wonderful.
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Posted:  Jul 9, 2012 Location:
Name:  Nikki #2 The Boulevard36761 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Richmond Heights, MO 63117

I eat here a lot and am very pleased with the level of service. The chef will come to your table and walk you through the gluten free options. They even serve gluten free bread!
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Jul 9, 2012 Location:
Name:  Nikki 516 North Clark St18338 [GF Map]
Rating:  * Chicago, IL 60654

The chef came to my table and reviewed the gluten free options including a caesar salad and pasta with red sauce. 20 minutes after eating here I got really sick. I will not be eating here again!
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Posted:  Jun 16, 2012 Location:
Name:  dawn 9101 International Dr18363 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Orlando, FL 32819

Submitted via mobile device I went because so many people reviewed it, and I see why. The chef comes to your table to help. He informed me that they now make every sauce gluten free so you can have any of them. He knew his menu and specials and went out of his way to help me find a perfect meal. The staff is beyond professional. Even though it is a chain and the place is enormous, we were treated like we were at a fine dining restaurant and had constant attention from several servers. My friend said it was the best meatball he had ever had in his life. I had a special with corn pasta. You would never know the difference between regular penne and the gluten free. I wish there was one of these in every town. If you are near one - DON'T MISS IT! Creme brûlée for desert is out of this world.
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Posted:  Apr 25, 2012 Location:
Name:  Lgator 21090 St. Andrews Blvd18361 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Boca Raton, FL 33433

The chef came to our table to take my gluten free order, I was very impressed by the care that was taken with my meal. If you get a pasta dish you get a second one to take home! I had penne alfredo and penne with meat sauce - both were excellent. Creme brulee for dessert was wonderful as well.
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Posted:  Mar 28, 2012 Location:
Name:  shan 9101 International Dr18363 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Orlando, FL 32819

Submitted via mobile device Best dining I've done so far with a gluten intolerance. Yay! Pasta! They even have corn pasta for those like me who thinks rice pasta ruins the flavor of food. They even give appetizer and dessert options! The chef comes to confirm your preferences and allergies. They are very prepared. I will search for them everywhere I go!
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Posted:  Mar 20, 2012 Location:
Name:  Anonymous #2 The Boulevard36761 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Richmond Heights, MO 63117

I love this place because of the extra effort! The chef will be gladly comes out to discuss you food allergies with you to determine the best menu item for your health. Best GF flaxseed biscuts ever!
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Posted:  Feb 28, 2012 Location:
Name:  Jtojmom 160 N. Gulph Rd18349 [GF Map]
Rating:  * King of Prussia, PA 19406

We ate there and had to leave because we got sick. The chef had an attitude like I can make u whatever you want, like it is so easy to cook gluten free. Well he fail! Will not eat there again.
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Posted:  Feb 27, 2012 Location:
Name:  Anonymous 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Great food, huge portions!
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Posted:  Feb 27, 2012 Location:
Name:  Anonymous 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Great food, huge portions!
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Posted:  Nov 23, 2011 Location:
Name:  * The Registrar Team * 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Looking forward to Gluten Free Thanksgiving at Maggiano's. Can't wait!!!
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Posted:  Sep 26, 2011 Location:
Name:  mag 9101 International Dr18363 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Orlando, FL 32819

We ate here 3 times in the 3 weeks we were in Orlando and each time was excellent. The chefs explained what I could have offering 3 types of pasta and offering different sauces. I felt very confident that they understood my needs and will certainly re visit next time we are in Orlando.My husband who is not coeliac said his pasta was also excellent
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Posted:  Sep 17, 2011 Location:
Name:  Dr.Clare 8030 Renaissance Pkwy18357 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Durham, NC 27713

The staff appeared knowledgeable to the needs of a gluten-sensitive patron, and the chef came to our table to assure our satisfaction with the meal. Very good experiences here. The substitute pasta choices were limited to corn at the time I inquired, but it was tasty! The chef also appeared to be understanding about my concerns regarding cross-contamination.
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Posted:  Sep 14, 2011 Location:
Name:  Anonymous 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

IMPRESSIVE! Kitchen manager/chef took order because table had food allergies. GF bread served. Made great GF baked ziti on the fly. Offered that with 2-3 days notice, will make GF ravioli or lasagna.
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Posted:  Sep 8, 2011 Location:
Name:  John 3368 Peachtree Rd18358 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Atlanta, GA 30326

Maggiano's has been absolutely wonderful re: accommodating gluten free diners. This Maggiano's in Atlanta was the first in the chain to do GF on request. I visited Atlanta & the restaurant in Feb of 2003 and brought my own GF pasta. I spoke with the Head Chef & Manager, and explained what gluten free meant, including cross contamination. The Head Chef made my dish himself, and it was wonderful. I came back the following month and did the same thing. The Manager then asked me to send him an e-mail with info on Celiac disease and the gluten free diet. He passed it up to the corporate office & they have been wonderful in taking GF seriously and making this a corporate-wide part of their menu. Thanks so much, Maggiano's!! I'll be there in October!
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Posted:  May 28, 2012
Name:  Educ8r123abc
Rating:  *

Maggianos in plano, tx . only 1 gluten free pasta choice...penne. it was very undercooked when brought to the table. Even though I asked for gluten free pasta they brought of meatball that was NOT gluten free. unfortunately I realize this only after eating a bite. the waiter took it back with a weak apology. When he returned it...there was no meat arty all. No effort to make a wheat less meatball...which is entirely possible. Both my son and I left with upset stomachs.
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Posted:  Sep 2, 2011 Location:
Name:  littleredjd 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Submitted via mobile device The chef/kitchen manager came to my table to take my order personally!! Made up a dish not on menu so I could have something lasagna-like & told me to give 24 hours notice next time if u wanted real GF lasagna or raviolis!! Made suggestions for appetizers & desserts. Served delish GF toasted bread. Everyone was very accommodating & careful. LOVE this place!!
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Posted:  Aug 6, 2011 Location:
Name:  Dr. Jacquelyn P. Horne 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd18360 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Atlanta, GA 30346

Super service & great food. Really appreciated the Executive Chef giving us personal attention & altered an entree to be gluten free for my husband! We will definitely visit again!
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Posted:  Jun 24, 2011 Location:
Name:  fibber 70 Riverside Square18353 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Hackensack, NJ 07601

Submitted via mobile device Excellent food, atmosphere and personal! What more can you ask for!!
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Posted:  Jun 11, 2011 Location:
Name:  crazedredhead 10367 Midtown Pkwy18362 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Jacksonville, FL 32246

amazing accomadation. the chef came out and created a meal for me that included a salad, entrees (one to take home), and even (yes!) dessert, a flour-free chocolate cake. mmmmm. the server was gracious, and the corn pasta was very good, as was the sauce. the salad dressing was simply amazing. i am also dairy-free, which can make for some interesting choices, but the chef took care of everything. thank you, maggiano,s :)
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Posted:  May 8, 2011 Location:
Name:  Desiree 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  **** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

The food was good. However, I had to send my salad back because it had croutons on it, and when I got a new salad, there were crouton crumbs and bits in the bottom of my salad. They comped my salad, but I was really disappointed, I will give them another chance on a less busy night.
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Posted:  Mar 15, 2011 Location:
Name:  Linda J-H 7401 South Clinton St18330 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Englewood, CO 80112

One of the best to accommodate celiac and gluten free diets. They have gf pastas and lots of entrees to choose from. If eating gf is a preference, the server will walk you through the menu. If it is medically required, ask for a sous chef to come out and he or she will walk you through the menu, including salads, sides and entrees. They are thorough and caring about your allergy needs.
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Feb 28, 2011 Location:
Name:  Kari 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South18328 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Las Vegas, NV 89109

I went to Las Vegas in Feb 2011 and I did a ton of web searching for Gluten Free restaurants prior and I have to say this was the best! The chef came out and talked to me about their GF pasta options and I actually had many options to choose from. The chef recommended the baked ziti. The baked ziti that he made was wonderfully cooked to perfection. Not too mushy (like most places)and not too hard (like the rest). I also had a salad with GF croutons! So if you are anywhere on the Las Vegas strip, I would suggest walking the extra blocks to go here.
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Posted:  Feb 20, 2011 Location:
Name:  Marcee 10455 NE 8th St18323 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Bellevue, WA 98004

This was the most welcoming restaurant experience I've had since I was diagnosed with multiple food sensitivities (including gluten, dairy, nightshades, most meat, & garlic, so I had my doubts about Italian-style dining) a year and a half ago. I called the restaurant in advance of a friend's birthday dinner to see what allergy accommodations were available and was told a chef would visit me at the table, go over my order, and personally prepare my food to avoid cross-contamination. I was impressed with the plan, but when I actually got there and the chef came out and created an off-menu dish with me based on what I'd been considering on the menu, my allergies, and what he knew was sure to be "clean" in the kitchen I was ready to cheer. Sure, it was a seemingly-simple spinach and arugula salad with basil topped with salt-and-pepper-seasoned salmon and a few sauteed, chopped onions in a balsamic reduction and finished with oil and vinegar, but it was just what I wanted that night (short of gnocchi in tomato sauce, which would have made me sick but would have tasted oh-so-yummy) and it was prepared perfectly. I look forward to my next occasion to visit.
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Posted:  Jan 13, 2011 Location:
Name:  Bill 8030 Renaissance Pkwy18357 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Durham, NC 27713

Very tasty GF choices. Pasta was cooked properly, not soggy or dry. Very good portions, with an extra "take-home" serving, that also heated very well at a later mealtime. Waitstaff and management attentive and well trained. Overall a very good experience, and a cuisine I don't get to enjoy often. We will return.
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Posted:  Nov 25, 2010 Location:
Name:  * The Registrar Team * 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Had an amazing gluten-free Thanksgiving with stuffing! And the service was fantastic.
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Posted:  Oct 16, 2010 Location:
Name:  Shannon 7875 Montgomery Rd18347 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Cincinnati, OH 45236

The chef always comes to the table to discuss options. Always a great experience. And in talking with the chef last week, he plans to add gfree bread in the next month or so. I get the Gfree pasta and Alfredo sauce and it's great. All of their sauces and salad dressings are gfree.
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Posted:  Aug 26, 2010 Location:
Name:  Natalie 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

We have eaten here multiple times. The chef always comes out and we are always very happy with the food. Would recommend this restaurant to any celiac
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Posted:  May 21, 2010 Location:
Name:  Alison 11800 West Broad St18355 [GF Map]
Rating:  **** Richmond, VA 23233

My experience has been good there but I do have word of caution to give. I went a couple times and was excited that they have GF options. Both times I ordered chicken pesto, which was tasty and I don't recall feeling bad afterwords. However, last weekend I went again. Our waiter was extremely attentive and when I told him I wanted chicken pesto he asked if I was very sensitive to gluten. When I told him I was, he brought the chef out. Apparently several of the options that can be made with GF pasta has a sauce that goes with it. The broth in the sauce has some wheat in it. Needless to say, I ordered something that the chef recommended instead.
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Posted:  Feb 11, 2010 Location:
Name:  Sandy M 9101 International Dr18363 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Orlando, FL 32819

Maggiano's in Orlando was a superb experience. Our server, Bianca, was very personable and understood gluten requirements. There were 3 options that could be made GF; I had garlic shrimp fettucine and it was outstanding. What a thrill to eat pasta out! Highly recommend!
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Posted:  Jan 27, 2010 Location:
Name:  Krista 2019 Post Oak Blvd18332 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Houston, TX 77056

The staff was MORE than accommodating! I had the GF with alfredo sauce and it was delicious. Also, my waiter checked with the chef to ensure that the crème brulee was GF, and it was amazing too! Will return anytime I am craving Italian.
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Posted:  Jul 9, 2010 Location:
Name:  Julie 160 N. Gulph Rd18349 [GF Map]
Rating:  **** King of Prussia, PA 19406

I've had a good experience at Maggiano's. They will bring the chef out and make ANYTHING gluten free (even if it doesn't turn out the same, such as "fried zucchini" becoming unbreaded grilled zucchini). The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they only have sprial GF pasta for EVERY dish. Maybe it's me, but I'd rather have long spaghetti with something like Chicken parm. I appreciate their effort though. And ALWAYS good food, even if they're a little on the higher scale (but you usually have leftovers!)
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Posted:  Nov 27, 2009 Location:
Name:  David K 1901 E. Woodfield18341 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Schaumburg, IL 60173

I was very impressed with waitress' knowledge with gluten free food. She brought the chef out to the table and he spoke with me about the entrees that can be made gluten free as well as making personal recommendations on which menu items taste carries over best to gluten free options. I will definitely go back.
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Posted:  Sep 6, 2009
Name:  Bogie
Rating:  *****

Great experience, chef came out and asked what I was craving and created a new dish for me! It was wonderful! And I didn't even get sick!!
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Posted:  Aug 17, 2009 Location:
Name:  islandannie 1201 Filbert St18350 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Philadelphia, PA 19107

I LOVE Maggiano's for gluten-free food. I have eaten there several times and not had any problems. The staff is always helpful and understanding and the food is delicious. This is my favorite place for gluten-free food. My family orders gluten-free pasta too so we can share. :-) The salads are great too...and the Maggiano's at the King of Prussia Mall in PA has a homemade gluten-free pound cake. I can't say enough about Maggiano's.
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Posted:  Aug 8, 2009 Location:
Name:  Christy 3106 West End Ave18345 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Nashville, TN 37203

The chef came straight to our table and gave me all the gluten-free options and started my gluten-free pasta right away. It was so great to have pasta with my family and not be sick!
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Posted:  Jul 28, 2009 Location:
Name:  Jennifer Sanner 16405 N. Scottsdale Rd18322 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ 85254

If dinning at the Scottsdale location ask for Eric Martin Exec. Chef Andrew Valencia Sous Chef Jeff Burglund Sous Chef Eric made me a gluten free chicken parm and it was outstanding. Also they have a gluten free wine dinner comming September 15th call the restaurant for all of the details 480-333-4100
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Posted:  Jul 26, 2009 Location:
Name:  Ann Marie 205 NorthPark Center18331 [GF Map]
Rating:  * Dallas, TX 75225

I wish my experience was the same as the other postings. Yes, the chef came to our table and understood my needs yet I still became ill.
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Posted:  Jul 15, 2009 Location:
Name:  Celiac CPA 7401 South Clinton St18330 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Englewood, CO 80112

My wife is celiac and is very sensitive. We have eaten at multiple locations in Colorado. They don't have a GF menu but you order directly with the chef and the chef is trained to make it celiac safe. We have not had any complications.
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Posted:  Jul 5, 2009 Location:
Name:  Mary 2500 N Mayfair Road18337 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Wauwatosa, WI 53226

We have been there numerous times for the best gluten-free pasta! The chef comes to the table to discuss your menu choice, which is very reassuring. The food is wonderful, the staff is great. PASTA! This is a must have!
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