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Monical's Pizza
Category: Restaurants

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Posted:  Jun 24, 2012 Location:
Name:  heatherfunky5 103 W Kirby Ave20306 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Champaign, IL 61820

Submitted via mobile device I eat at the charleston il location. They have a separate area and utensils for the gf pizza and they cook it on an aluminum tray to avoid contamination. I have never been sick from there.
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Posted:  Sep 18, 2011 Location:
Name:  Anonymous US 41 South28922 [Map]
Rating:  ***** Terre Haute, IN 47802

They have a 12 " gluten free pizza that comes on a disposable tray to avoid any x contam. The crust is tasty, choose your own toppings This seems to be chain in the midwest.
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Posted:  Jun 6, 2011 Location:
Name:  Arek 3457 Bethel Dr 20361 [Map]
Rating:  * West Lafayette, IN 47906

I have purchased the gluten free pizza there 3 times. The first time I did not get sick. The other two times were horrible. I stressed them that I am very sensitive and each time I became sick. I called to speak with management the 2nd time I became sick and they told me they would call back, never did. All together from the 2 times I became sick, I wasted $33.00 there. Never going back again. Do not recommend it to anyone who is on a strict gluten free diet. You could make your own, better, pizza at home for 1/4 of the price and know you will not get sick. Sorry, fool me once shame on you fool me twice, shame on me for giving you a second try. Disappointing.
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Posted:  Feb 23, 2011 Location:
Name:  DefectiveGuts 12501 N Meridian St20351 [GF Map]
Rating:  *** Carmel, IN 46032

The gluten free pizza isn't bad. I got pretty sick once though when I ate it. When you call, stress the problem of cross-contamination.
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Posted:  Nov 28, 2009 Location:
Name:  Anonymous 597 William Latham Dr.20241 [GF Map]
Rating:  ***** Bourbonnais, IL 60914

A great 10" gluten free crust pizza.
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